VANDEWATER Capital Holdings was established in 2008 as a private equity fund. Vandewater seeks to partner with proven entrepreneurs in attractive investment opportunities where a longer-term time horizon is most appropriate. Vandewater’s strategic orientation, its patience, and its operational and financial expertise have enhanced portfolios and created a track record of value

Vandewater’s dedicated team of professionals source, structure, invest in and operate varied companies and assets in North America and Western Europe. Vandewater has acquired, created and operated enterprises primarily in the sectors of heavy industry, technology, financial services, real estate and hospitality.

Vandewater counts among its investment partners U.S. public companies, institutions and the United States Government (Dept. Of Defense). Vandewater is a counterparty to Fortune 100 companies, large institutions, banks and funds while its various service providers are globally recognized.


Timeline of Vandewater’s Investments:




Purchased and managed nearly one thousand whole residential loans across all 50 states providing homeowners with nearly $50M in loan balance reductions. (JEA Credit Opportunities)